Our Fall Meeting will be held September 28-30, 2015 in Rosslyn, Virginia and hosts three concurrent programs on Cell Banking, Contaminant Control, and Process Analysis & Automation methods for vaccines, antibodies, recombinant proteins, and conjugates.

This highly innovative meeting is meant to cover product development from start to finish. It will share the techniques and best practices needed to establish stable and well-characterized cell banks, the latest technologies to prevent, identify, and clear contaminants, as well as the processes and testing methods for rapid scale-up for both clinical trial materials and licensed products. Attendees are welcome to attend any talks they choose from all three programs.

In addition, the best aspects of our former program on Flexible Facilities and Systems have been incorporated into the Process Analysis & Automation program where we’ll cover single-use systems, components, and sensors, plus the more practical aspects of continuous processing.

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Our Spring Meeting will be held in March 2016 in Washington, DC, and attendees may attend any talks they choose from all three programs.

Please join us for a truly enlightening experience as you participate in the most exciting and challenging discussion of the issues facing biological products.  We’ll cover the latest industry developments and achievements in three concurrent programs including products such as vaccines for numerous strains of flu and other potential pandemic viruses, dendritic cellular cancer vaccines, activated T cells, VLP vaccines and AAV viral vectors made with baculovirus, plus three-dimensional structures that can replace failed tissue.

We’ll also intersperse a number of fun and stimulating networking events throughout the meeting that you can attend at no additional cost.  These are unique opportunities to share technology with some of the best people in the biotech industry, plus key regulators and essential supply firms.

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