This highly innovative meeting is meant to cover product development from start to finish with three concurrent programs on Cell & Tissue Banking, Contaminant Control, and the very best in Process Analysis & Automation for a wide-range of applications including vaccines, antibodies, recombinant proteins, viral vectors, and cellular therapies.

This meeting will share the techniques and best practices needed to establish stable and well-characterized cell banks; the latest technologies to prevent, identify, and clear contaminants; as well as the most up-to-date analytical technology, and how it can be used to automate various unit operations and integrated, continuous processes.

We’ll also cover the best applications of single-use components and systems, along with the most powerful single-use sensors.

Please join us for a truly enlightening experience at our 8th Spring Meeting, which will be held March 5–7, 2018 in Norfolk, Virginia.

You’ll participate in the most exciting and challenging discussions on the industry’s most difficult applications including viral gene vectors and vaccines, adeno-associated virus (AAV), and other products derived with baculovirus technology, plus cellular therapies and three-dimensional, cellular structures. You can attend any talk you choose from the three concurrent programs, plus you’ll participate in a number of fun and stimulating networking events throughout the meeting that you can attend at no additional cost. This meeting offers unique opportunities to share technology with some of the most talented people in the biotech industry, plus key regulators and essential supply firms.

Please join us for this classic event that spans the most effective and efficient means of process development and production for antibodies and recombinant proteins. We’ve devised five programs to cover each of the specialized areas involved in making safe and reproducible products that can elicit the most productive responses from government regulators.

Starting with Cell and Tissue Banking, we’ll cover the most trusted methods for collecting, characterizing, documenting, and storing both cell lines and tissues. Then with our two programs on Expansion / Expression, and Yield / Purity, we’ll explore and document the most effective means of cell scale-up and product expression, as well as the techniques necessary to reach the desired purity while maintaining the highest yields. In the Raw Materials and Contract Services program, we’ll extract the experience related to assuring the reliability of essential raw materials and contract services. This program expresses the critical aspects of CMC while presenting the practical knowledge needed to find and manage relationships for consistent and reliable support. Finally, and by no means the least important program is on Contaminant Control. This program covers the analytical methods and programs needed to identify and clear unwanted process contaminants.

In all, you’ll be able to walk away with the knowledge you need to develop your products from start to finish, plus produce them with the confidence needed for commercial success.

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