Viral Vectors
& Vaccines

Chaired By:

Otto-Wilhelm Merten, PhD
Miltenyi Biotec Inc.

J. Fraser Wright, PhD
Stanford University


  • Plasmid Development
  • Upstream Process Development & Scale-Up
  • Potency and High-Throughput Assays
  • Downstream Process Development
  • Formulation, Storage, and Stability
  • Product Characterization
  • Analytical Methods Development and Validation
  • Application of Reference Standards & Materials

Cellular Therapies

Chaired By:

Martin A. Giedlin, PhD
PACT pharma

Mercedes Segura, PhD


  • Tissue and Cell Collection
  • Cell Selection
  • Ex Vivo Processing
  • Media Development
  • Feeding, Harvest, and Washing Strategies
  • Cryopreservation and Storage
  • Potency Assays/Dosing
  • Release Testing
  • Formulation and Packaging
  • Transportation
  • Patient Delivery
  • Regulatory Considerations
  • Cell Transfection

Baculovirus Expression Technology

Chaired By:

Dominic Esposito, PhD
Frederick National Laboratory
for Cancer Research

António M. Roldão, PhD
Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica (iBET)


  • Human Vaccines: Large-Scale Production and Clinical Trials
  • Veterinary Vaccines
  • Baculoviruses as Insecticides
  • Comparability Studies: BEVS Versus Other Expression Systems
  • Baculovirus-Based Processes in Gene Therapy
  • Advances in Structural Biology Using BEVS
  • Synthetic Biology for BEVS Engineering
  • Systems Biology for Bioprocess Engineering

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