About Us
The International Society of BioProcess Technology (ISBioTech) formed in 2010 to help the industry share data and methods for process development and the production of biologics.

Known for our expertise in organizing conferences within our targeted network, we strive to highlight applications that are the most challenging while providing real-life experiences from support labs, process development suites, and production facilities. The format of our meetings combines exceptional quality presentations and exhibits with unforgettable networking opportunities to help foster and build relationships and collaborations.

Our Viral Vectors program has received the most attention since our founding, followed by Baculovirus Expression Technology and Cellular Therapies. In addition, we cover critical capabilities that are otherwise overlooked such as Cell Banking and Characterization, Contaminant Control (our biosafety meeting), and Raw Materials Science & Control.

As a result of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, we have converted our content to a virtual platform that provides the same quality as our live meetings, but unfortunately, without the in-person interaction that everyone so dearly values. Whenever it is safe to do so, we hope to reestablish our live, face-to-face format with limited attendance.

Our Team

Keith L. Carson - ChE, MBA
Founder and Content Chair

Jessica Carson
Managing Director

Manisha Trivedi
Director of Sales

Marci Brown-Carson
Managing Editor
BioProcessing Journal

Nora Waggoner
Communications and
Social Media Manager

Reference Materials
ISBioTech has played a major role in the production of viral reference materials that can be used to qualify, or validate, internal reference materials and assays. Such reference materials can be extremely valuable to the organizations using them, and can provide regulators with the ability to more readily compare viral product submissions.

Adenovirus serotype 5 (Ad5) was produced in 2001 when all viral vector development was halted due to a lack of control on patient dosing. Today, this material is still used worldwide, and remains stable and sterile as determined by testing that is done every two years. Today, ISBioTech is helping to develop a Lentiviral Vector Reference Material, which should be available in 2021.

All of the data for these materials is available on our website.

ISBioTech’s companion publication, the BioProcessing Journal (BPJ), was established in 2002 to provide in-depth coverage of the type of content presented at our meetings. All manuscripts are peer reviewed by an exceptional Editorial Advisory Board (EAB), and are now published via an Open Access model. Authors are free to post their work wherever they please, in addition to what the journal makes available via its website, and these articles are frequently referenced in other papers published throughout the industry.

Benefits of Joining ISBioTech
While membership is not required to attend our meetings, we encourage dedicated biotech professionals to join our member base. Your annual support helps us produce top quality meeting content and published materials.

As a member, you'll receive a discounted rate for our meetings, as well as a discounted Open Access rate and preferential status when submitting manuscripts for publication in the BioProcessing Journal. In addition, members will receive communications on the latest developments in reference materials and standards.

ISBioTech Annual Membership:
  Industry: $295 USD
  Academic/Government/Non-Profit: $135 USD
  Student: $95 USD

Prices are subject to change without notice. Revised 12/03/2020.
Membership fees are non-refundable.