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About ISBioTech
The International Society for BioProcess Technology was established in 2010 to advance process and analytical techniques, plus make the latest bioprocess technology readily available to those developing and producing biopharmaceuticals worldwide.

The society is dedicated to the scientists and engineers who have day-to-day responsibility for creating and managing scalable and reproducible processes, as well as the assays needed to ensure indisputable quality. Through networking events and the society’s web-based resources, biotech professionals can access and share the techniques and best practices needed for safe, effective, and consistent products.
Benefits of Joining ISBioTech
While membership is not required to attend society meetings or access the website, we encourage all dedicated professionals to take advantage of the benefits available to members. The annual membership fee includes complimentary print and online subscriptions to the BioProcessing Journal - a quarterly, peer reviewed publication established in 2002 and considered one of the industry’s most respected. Members also receive preferential status when submitting manuscripts for publication in the BioProcessing Journal. In addition, members receive a 20% discount off the registration fees for the ISBioTech Spring and Fall meetings.

And of course, members have access to the extensive resources offered by our website, Twitter feed, Facebook page, and LinkedIn group. Via our Techno-Blast mass emails, members will receive notification of networking events, training courses, certification opportunities, and jobs. In addition, members will be kept up to date on the latest developments in reference materials and standards. Click here to join today.

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